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Welcome to the Surplus Sales Alberta Online Auction. This service allows you to participate in bidding for assets that are surplus to the needs of all Alberta government departments and agencies online from any location via the Internet.

Alberta Online Auction is available 7 days a week, 24 hours a day.

Temporary Closure
In order to reduce exposure risk resulting from the spread of COVID-19, and to help ensure the health and protection of our clients and colleagues, we have temporarily closed our front counter service.

Pick-Ups of Online auction items may be arranged by calling (403) 297-6430 in Calgary or (780) 427-3482 in Edmonton.

View and bid on surplus items such as laboratory equipment, electronic equipment, medical equipment, shop equipment, office equipment, computer equipment, laundry and kitchen equipment and some office furniture.

Browse the items we have for sale, and submit your bids. Payment for items is by Visa, MasterCard, American Express and Visa Debit via the on-line checkout unless otherwise indicated on the Auction. All online payments are completely secure. The highest bidder at the time of closing wins! Thanks for visiting our site, and come back often.

Registration is free and easy. Get setup now! Anyone with a valid email address can register and bid at their convenience from any computer.

Featured Items
Elliptical Machine (E)
Starting Bid: $1.00
Closing On: 2021-10-26
Meeting Room Chair (Located in Edmonton)
Starting Bid: $10.00
Closing On: 2021-11-03
Computer Table (C)
Starting Bid: $1.00
Closing On: 2021-10-27
Computer Table #2 (Located in Edmonton)
Starting Bid: $10.00
Closing On: 2021-11-03
Large Refrigerator (D)
Starting Bid: $1.00
Closing On: 2021-10-25

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